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     .. play with the gravity. Look from upside down. Look for the impossible, the new and unknown perspective. Realize how little we are..

Rebekka Gather lives and works as Vertical Dance artist in Switzerland and abroad.

Since 2021 she is exploring her Vertical Dance creativity together with Ella Cocset in the Duo Tempo di Borea.

Since 2021 She has the opportunity to train, create and teach at her own 34m hight Vertical Dance Wall and the so called Vertical Dance Hub Basel /CH.

For many years she is connecting with Wanda Moretti from the vertical dance company in Venezia and trained at the Vertical Dance Center in Venice with Vertical Suspension Training®. 

She has set up her own Compagnie Kopfsprung in Basel and since 2020 has become part of the vertical dance Compagnie Voltexperience.


Working together in many different projects and Masterclasses she follows the artistic idea of the Vertical Dance Forum, Vertical Dance Network and the Vertical Dance pioneers like Wanda Moretti, Fabrice Guillot and Retouramont, Lindsay Butcher, Kate Lawrance and Magalie Lanriot.

She has been progressing the vertical dance path in Switzerland over the last years.

Since 2021 she has opened her first Training and Performance Wall of 34m hight KLYBEQ Areal in Basel, where she is proposing Performances, Workshops and Residences in Vertical Dance.

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